Hallelujah God has done it again, this could only be his doing all glory and adoration be to his holy name.

Jesus save a boy who’s name is called shanawole, he is 11 year of age. He was saved through a man of God called pastor Tony Rapu. Shanawole is a member of the eiye confraternity he is hardly fear any one. Killing and causing damages and trouble is one of his joy. At his tender age he was indulged in taking of marijuana which makes him go high( like he said in the video). Old Shanawole was a sorrowful child to his family, because no parent will be glad to see any of their child misbehaving like shanawole.


At his age engaged in killing human like him not animal wow this child must have gone so deep in world because human lives means nothing to him either, and stealing and taking weed. But all glory and adoration be to the name of the creator of the universe who knows us before we were be formed in our mothers belly, who took shanawole back from the hand of the devil and restore back his life to the life of christ.


Shanawole now known as Michael and he said he want to become a pastor, so he could be able to reach out to people out there too like him and bring them to the lime light of Christ. Now shanawole (Michael) could be able to read and write and speak fluently without adding those of his old slang, he is able to pray and knows who God is. Isn’t this God wonderful. I don’t know what your love ones might be passing through right now or probably they might be in a worse cast just like the past of shanawole i join my faith with your faith today that God will reveal him self to them and bring them out of the captive of the devil and his agent today in jesus name Amen.



Watch the video and see how God by his mercy and grace restore and transform the life of shanawole now known as Michael.

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