How God save a sister named sandra also known as jawn on Instagram, she as been addicted into several intake of drugs and marijuana (weed). But praise to the lord that only Him alone restore back her life and dignity.

I believe if not God the she could have wasted her life just like that to the devil. I pray may the devil never have space into her life anymore.

Some people might be out there passing through the past life of this sister and you might be wondering you have gotten to a better place in your life,my brothers and sisters am glad to tell you today that Jesus Christ is the only person who can bring you out of that mess you are into, and He is ready to beautify you and restore back your health to you.


Indeed Jesus looks good on who so ever decided to fellowship with Him today. He who restore the health and dignity of sandra will also do the same for you Amen.


Kindly watch the video and see how addiction she was before God restore back her health. To God allow be all the glory.

We use this video as a point of contact to any one, it could be a friend a brother or a sister whom the devil as already held into captive by the influence of drug addiction or smoking and causing shame to the family i pray may they be set free in jesus name Amen.


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