Praying Loud and praying silent does not guarantee you answers its is only a heart sited Faith prayer that God answers
John 11:43 Jesus cried out with a loud voice
And the scripture said when Hannah prayed her lips where moving and no voice was heard but God still gave her wat she needed.
There are churches where people pray loud and they get result. There are churches they pray silent and they get result also. Prayer answering is not in the voice pattern but in the believing. He who will ask anything of the father should believe first that He (God) can do it…..


Note: when you are in Rome behave like the Rome and when in Jerusalem Behave like them with your faith and heart in it

I think the reason why some people pray loud is because when they pray silent they think of things which are not part of the prayer points, some even forget the prayer point, some even forget they are praying so to help then connect properly they prefer to pray loud. And I think some pray silently because they want to talk to their Father in private (permit to use that word)

some feel praying loud is disturbance.,..

I know someone may want to ask about the scripture that says when ye pray enter into your closet and your Father who sees in the secret will reward you openly

I was done reading this scripture sometimes ago and the HolySpirit said to me your heart is the closet and your mouth is the Door. He sees the heart and ye the deep things of the heart….

I tell people this that God answers the prayer of the heart first before that of your lips

Okay see this about the loud prayer Should in case you are here and you don’t believe in loud prayers.

Don’t forget that every prophetic word from the mouth of your pastor from the alter that you responded Amen to are loud prayers (smile) and God heard it and still blessed you

You can be walking and be prayer doing things and be praying without people knowing but when you get to where you need to roar as the lion do it.

There are places you need to be as the Lamb and there are place to be as the Lion.

In conclusion: Loud or silent when a heart sited faith is involved it will produce result

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