Jesus the name that doesn’t disappoint

Jesus the name that doesn’t disappoint

All power in heaven and on earth belongs to the most high God. Some people might ask who is jesus who is God. Jesus and God are one they dwel together. God the maker of the universe sent His only beloved son on earth Jesus, so that he might die for the remnant of our sins, and who so ever believed in Him shall not perish but she/she shall have everlasting life.  Isn’t this interesting that who so ever believed in him shall have everlasting life john 3:16. When Jesus Christ came that was when man gained free access to God again, because if you believe in Jesus name definitely you directly have access to the Father. Jesus said i and my Father are one, if you love me my Father will love you, and anything you ask in my name shall be granted to you.



How does the name of Jesus works.

  • Believe in the name (Jesus)
  • Believe in His works and ministry
  • Believe in His word and instructions
  • Believe He is the son of God
  • Believe in His miracle
  • Trust His timing
  • Believe in His act

What can the name of Jesus do.

  • His name raise the dead
  • His name multiplies
  • His name heals
  • His name deliver
  • His name supplies all our needs
  • His name Enthrones
  • His name subdue the kingdom of darkness

What does the name of Jesus assures us as a Christian.

  • Longevity of life
  • Supplies all our needs
  • The Name bless us onces we believe in it
  • Protect us from all snear of the devil
  • Protect us from tribulations
  • Make the devil to tremble under your feet
  • Makes us the head and not the tail
  • Makes us giver and not borrower

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