“Evening, and morning, and at noon, will I pray, and cry aloud: and he shall hear my voice.” Psalm 55:17 (KJV)

Prayer is the most effective medium through which we fellowship and communicate with our heavenly Father. No wonder the Jews prayed three times a day! They wanted to always be in tune with God in the morning, noon, and evening to fulfill His will. Dear beloved, how many times do you pray in a day? It is vital to make time to fellowship with God every day so that you can receive what He has for you at any point in time. Jesus Christ had a lifestyle of prayer, especially before ministration (Mark 1:35). The world is becoming more perverse every day, so it is necessary to keep seeking God every day. Don’t wait for the enemy to strike before you set time aside to pray; prevention is always better than a cure. Set time aside at least three times during the day to seek God so that you can be in tune with Him, receive from Him, and be ahead of the enemy. You will be in a better position to advance than a prayerless Christian.

Hallelujah! Be an overcomer!

Prayer Point: Dear Holy Spirit, please help me set aside time to pray in the morning, noon, and evening. Amen!

Remain blessed.

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