Remember Noah Ark

Remember Noah.


Noah and his family endured the 40 days/nights of rain and stayed in the ark for 150 days as water flooded the earth, and months until the earth dried up. No Internet, Netflix and tiktok. Just imagine, they smelled the dung of the animals every single day but they manage to survive. Imagine, they eat a non-fresh veggies maybe they skipped meals but they managed to survived. Imagine, they are deprived from taking a bath just to save water for drinking not just for them but for animal as well, but they managed to survive.

If Noah and the ark survived, We and the whole Earth can survive also because the God that took care of the ark, is the same God that we have today.

Like Noah, let us also believe that these strange virus shall pass.

Stay in the ark, stay at home.

#BowDownToGod #havefaith

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