To the one, for birthing me, nurturing me, grooming me, filling me with so much love to give, training my siblings and I by example and moulding me into the confident woman I am today.

And for accepting me, loving me, coaching me, and leading me by example to be a good and virtuous woman.

You are deeply loved and appreciated! your example as godly mother have been an inspiration and positively influenced me in my own journey of motherhood!. May you continue to enjoy the fruits of your labour in Jesus name, amen! I thank you from my heart and I call you blessed mom.


Wishing every mother out there a fantastic day, and praying for all those who desire to experience the joys of motherhood. I pray the Lord hastens His Word to perform that deep desire of your heart in Jesus’ name, amen! Cheer up! Very shortly, we shall all laugh and rejoice with you.

Please everyone take the time to love, honour and celebrate your mothers. Husbands, also celebrate your wives specially today (be sure to also do this regularly). If your mother is no longer alive, I’m thinking of you. Remain comforted and strengthened in the Lord. Wishing you God’s best! Cheers.

Happy mother’s day mom!!!

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