If you want to make a mark in life, you must  be prepared to go beyond the average, see failure as a cheat that must be revenge upon. Those who are comfortable with average life, put up very little or no resistance because they are simply not committed to life. The truth is that every man encounters  failure at a time of the other in life, but failure settle’s with the non resistant.

Note: winning is not for the gently nor the fearful onces, you have to become a woman or a man of vengeance when it comes to dealing with failure.

Must people who break through in life, almost broke down at a time, but they refuse to give in to failure, and at that point they broke through. You need to develop such tenacity in the issue of your life. Stop commending your self for having been tired. Forget the things that are behind you and press toward the mark that is set before you. Philippians 3:13-14. You can accomplish everything that looks impossible to you right now if only you will get up and fight back.

If you must revenge on failure you must hate to fail. Get mad at your circumstances rather than being intimidated by them.

You may be on the floor right now, beaten,battered and been called a failure, but you can have your revenge, say to failure you have cheated me up till now, but no more ! Because until you address failure you can’t arrest it. You should get jealous over the issues of your life ask your self thought and provoking questions. You need to ask your self, for how long will i continue to suffer like this? How long will i be on the floor? At 40 years, you are still living from hand to mouth.  You should be angry! Before you celebrate your next birthday ask your self, what achievement can i point to in my life? Because life is celebrated on bases of achievement not longevity,  that why nobody every tells you “long lived” it is rather “well done”.


It is reaction that give birth to revolution. For instance,  when a car is parked,  it remains in that state until there is a reaction.  And how does the reaction comes? By starting the engine of the car and engaging the gears. When the car begins to move then there is  a reaction between the tyres and the ground, and if the reaction is very stiff at times, you see the tyres leaving a mark on the ground. That is the way you should leave a mark of revenge on failure, react against it now.


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