Training a child actually means showing our children what to do by example. I would like to discuss two tools that are very necessary for training our children: LOVE and CONTROL. These two go together and neither one can be effective without the other. An uncontrollable child cannot be loved, neither can an unloved child be controlled.

1. Love: By showing love to your children, it becomes easier for them to know and understand God’s love and walk in it. Let your love be seen and heard in your words, time, giving, encouragement and correction. Our children should be trained with tenderness and love.

2. Control: Children cannot be effectively trained without control; that is, control on the part of both the parent and the child. As a parent, you are to be in control. We have been commissioned by God to train, give direction and ‘control’ our children. If the excesses in a child are not controlled early in life, those excesses will later control and may eventually destroy the child. That won’t happen to any of your children, in Jesus name!

Please check areas where you haven’t balanced love and control and make the necessary changes.

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