The fact that you have fallen once does not mean that life must stop, you can always rise up again. Let take a look at the story of Isaac in Genesis chapter 26: Isaac was the greatest man in his days, but at the same he was greatly opposed. In the midst of all, God give him a secret of his success through his persistence. He was never tired. In the face of challenges and opposition he kept on taking steps foward, No one could stop him. Every time they keep stopping him he never felt discouraged rather he go else were to start all over again. The philistines drove him from his place , but because he knows the method to use he went forward to dug again. That must be approach of life. Be determined never lose hope of digging again. Never be tired of taking another step or starting all over again if need be. What ever the devil or circumstances have stopped in your life,you must be ready to take that bold step to dig again. Dont fold your hands, see Isaac through his persistence he arrived at God’s ultimate for his life. At the days of Isaac well was seen as a great asset because of the desiccated nature of the land. We know that well are not found in the surface of the earth, until we dig deep we wouldn’t find well.


precis: Nobody becomes great without digging. A time will come that nobody will be able to  contest or strive for your blessings. The only way to depart from the territory of opposition is by persisting and staying consistent in your pursuit. If you refuse to give up opposition will fold up. Let see the story of THOMAS EDISON the man who discovered the electric  bulb, he went again and again for 999 times until he got it. Also let look at the story of young Barnes who discovered the Dictating Machine, at Thomas EDISON factory. With his bull dog determination, his persistence and a single desire, he destined to mow down all opposition and bring him the opportunity he was seeking for. Today all nations make use of the dictating Machine and sold word wide. The business grew and the slogan for it was “made by Edison and installed by Barnes. The business alliance made Barnes rich in money,but he accomplished something infinitely greater. If you don’t do or try it again then one will be counted as a permanent failure. 

The beauty of your life is never formed,  expect you remain consistent. You first attempt to success will mostly likely  hit the rock, but don’t loss hope to start again, because what ever God has spoken to you from His Word will never come to your hands on a platter of gold, you have to clear the waste out of the way and persist till you get it.

Occasionally disappointments, failures, inadequacy and weakness are allowed,  but always endeavour to remain consistent. There are certain things you never get in life until you get to the stage of persistence and perseverance. John Mason said “Through perseverance snail arrived at the ark.

God looks for people who will persevere. What brought Israel out of Egypt was through Moses perseverance.



One of the things that hinder many people from attaining their goal of success in life is inconsistency, and consistency is what you require to make an impact.

God never condemns you for making extra attempts, He only blames you for not attempting all mark 8:22-25.

God bless you.

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