“Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not. Jeremiah 33:3”

The opening scripture demonstrates to the children of God that they can receive great and mighty things from God. The key is to call to God in faith by using His Word.

He is always ready to hear us, and He never gets bored of our prayers. He wants to show us great and mighty things that we don’t know. The Bible tells us that there are heights in the spirit realm that God wants us to attain.

He wants us to reach the height where we can see from where He sees and can comprehend Him a height of no limits, where all things are possible.

How to Receive great things from God

  1. Flee away from sin.
  2. Be specific at the altar of prayer.
  3. Always seek for God’s leading at all time.
  4. Seek for His divine insight.
  5. Always be positive at the prayer altar don’t give room for doubt.
  6. Guide your mind diligently.
  7. Be faith filed .
  8. Go to God with full confidence that he hears all your petitions.
  9. Love God with all your heart.
  10. Be praise filled.


Let us give importance to fellowship with our heavenly Father and commune with Him on a frequent basis so that we can see great and mighty things. May God help us through in jesus name Amen.

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