SHILOH 2019 Breaking limits WORD SESSION (Bishop David Oyedepo)

God's Gift


* Whether from near or far, no one shall return disappointed Amen.

You remove the impact of the Church from this nation, there is nothing else.
Most people are fleeing this nation, the Church is populating this nation.
The solution to the crisis of the world is being addressed here now.
God is sending you as saviours to the world.
Through you, confusion will be turned to direction.
* Through you, affliction will be turned to Celebration;
In the name of Jesus Christ. All the Glory must be to the Lord.
Song: All the glory must be to the Lord.

1 Samuel 3:21

God will appear to you here.
You can’t experience his appearance without knowing.
God will appear to you by His word on this mountain and you will never see shame anymore.
* As God appears, your long awaited changes will start rolling in. You can’t experience His appearance without knowing. God will appear to you by His Word on this mountain and you will NEVER SEE SHAME ANYMORE. It shall be from GLORY TO GLORY, TO GLORY, TO GLORY in the name of Jesus. Thank you Father in Jesus Precious name.


Welcome everyone to this 21st Shiloh
It shall be a Shiloh of Releasw
At the end of Every 7 years there shall be a release.
End of servitude, slavery and all forms of limitation.

Understanding of times and seasons are vital to maximizing your walk with God.

* God has spoken prophetically; IT SHALL BE YOUR SHILOH OF RELEASE. ” At the end of every SEVEN Years, thou shalt make a release” (Deuteronomy 15:1). It’s a verdict of the kingdom, that implies the END OF SERVITUDE;
– It implies the END OF SLAVERY;
I will terminate your slavery.
I will release you like I released Joseph to a world of no limits.
Psalm 105:17-22

Whatever represents a bondage of hell over any area of your life, your hour of release has finally come.

Deuteronomy 15:12
It’s not just a release to go and struggle again.
By this Release Shiloh, the end has come to your struggles.
What you don’t expect , you never experience.
Hosea 4:6
Deuteronomy 15:1
At the end of every seven years…
Every impossible situation will give way now.

Every prophetic word you receive and believe, you are empowered to manifest.
In the name of Jesus, Your Joseph order of release is happening right now.
Many generational giants will rise from Shiloh mountain.
Joel 2:2
Shiloh 2019 shall be a mountain of diverse word encounters, revelations, a baptism into a mountain of no limits.

Faith is our covenant launching pad into the realms of no-limits.
You won’t join them yet you will beat them.

We have not given a bribe to any man living or dead as a commission in 38years.
You can’t stand for God and end up a loser.
That’s our story here.

Don’t stand in the middle of the road, it’s a risk.
If God be God serve him.

They said Hate Speech!
So they can’t say you are wrong?
You can silence anybody not a prophet!
Are the roads better than before?
So why are we not talking?
They are not hanging killers.
They are hanging hate speakers.
Anyway that (bill) is dead already.
Prophets are the conscience of the nation.

I will be taking you through a journey of Faith.
Everything gathered against you will fall for your sake.


* Any manner of sickness that came to you at Shiloh will return home as living Testimony.
* Every oppression of the devil against your triumph in Life shall be turned into a Testimony.
* Every captivity of Pharoah and the gods of Egypt, sitting on your destiny shall be unseated here.
* Whatever makes anybody ask you, ‘Where is your God?’, will be turned to a testimony here and no one shall ask you again, “where is your God?”

* Every death sentence that is passed over anyone’s life is reverted tonight.
* See how cancer of the uterus gave birth to a set of twins. See the womb they were going to remove, the womb was able to carry a set of twins to the point of delivery.
* Whatever had been dubbed impossible in your life is turned to a testimony tonight:

John 14:12
Matthew 11:28
God has brought you and I into that realm of no limits.
From now, everything that refused you will begin to answer to you.
Matthew 4:23
Jesus was healing ALL manner of sickness-no limits.
Acts 10:38

We have a heritage of no limits in Christ.
As many are hearing this word, the healing power is flowing into your life.

Every oppression of the devil against your triumph in life shall be turned to a testimony.
* Any manner of sickness that came to you at Shiloh will return home as living Testimony.
* Every captivity of Pharoah and the gods of Egypt, sitting on your destiny shall be unseated here.
Whatever makes anybody ask you-Where is your God will be turned to a testimony here and from today, no one shall ask you again-Where is your God!

Mark 9:23
Hebrews 11:11

Exodus 14:23
You are crossing that Red Sea and your enemies must drown there.

Through faith the walls of Jericho fell down.
Every impossible case around your life will be crushed to dust here.

Shedrach, Meshach and Abednego could not be burnt because they trusted in their God.

Your life will never smell affliction again!

Until your faith fails, your command remains in place.
There is no irreversible case with faith.

Someone was crushed in his car by a container on the way to Lokoja in 2000. He was listening to a tape of February Breakthrough Seminar before the accident. He was taken to a mortuary and as he heard me say ‘Lift up your hand, his hand started shaking in the mortuary!
He was here on this Altar to give his testimony.
Any word you receive and believe keeps speaking.
A woman came with her dead child to the Abuja Church, she heard me say ‘is there no balm in Gilead? Life surged into her from that word’.
There is no impossible case with faith.

Wherever fear is, is a proof that there is no faith.

No fear equals great faith.

I have not fallen sick 40 years. Anybody can be angry and Im
Sure the devil is angry. No agent of the devil can dare my steps.
God will reduce your fear to below zero level.

Faith is a master key to a world of unlimited Breakthroughs.
We have never borrowed, we have never begged for 38 years.

If God can’t help himself, leave him.
Yet we have projects everyday, maybe every second.

Someone carried a rumour: Do you know Bishop has oil fields?
The field I have is more powerful than any oil field.
I bought that field on March 22, 1982.
It is called 818 (Deuteronomy 8:18)
Field 818 – Deuteronomy 8:18
Walking in the mystery of the covenant. Many will rise here, far greater than Father Abraham
Many people around the world are exploring that oil field.
The first billionaire in the world -John D Rockefeller as a tither explores that oil field.

What kind of faith empowers the believer to operate in the realm of No limits?

1. Redemption Rooted Faith.
1 John 5:4

The faith that empowers men to operate in the realm of no limit is redemption rooted faith.
Many are struggling because they are operating in appropriated faith.

Father is a Christian, Mother is a Christian; Father is a preacher, Mother is a preacher, so I am saved automatically.
Being in church does not make you a child of God.

It is never late to be right.
Faith will never deliver except in the hand of the Redeemed.
The rod did not work in the hand of Gehazi.
Faith does not work in the hand of those who are not redeemed

Being in church does not make you a child of God.

Proofs of New Birth:
2 Corinthians 13:5

John 3:3-7
Are you born again?


How do I know I am born again or what are the fruits of new birth?

1. Love
Is your heart is not going out after God, your new birth is questionable.
2 Righteousness
Your love for righteousness comes alive, you see evil and you are grieved.
Psalm 45:7
Psalm 7:11
Your love for righteousness blossoms.


* Once saved is not always saved. Be careful of this flying doctrine around the world: “that what you do is immaterial; you are covered, I am telling you the truth, ‘you are covered.”

Can I tell you a greater Truth: you are NOT covered.
1 John 3:7
Little children, let no man deceive you: he that doeth righteousness is righteous, even as he is righteous.

The thing is this, let them bring a proof of what is been taught. Can I tell you this, “JEALOUSLY GUARD YOUR SALVATION”; “Let him that standeth take heed, lest he falls 1 Corinthians 10:12.”
Proverbs 21:16
It takes new birth to access the realm of spiritual understanding.

If you don’t know whether you’re born again or not then you are not.

If you are saved, you will:
– Love God Revelation 2:4;
– Love righteousness Psalm 45:7;
– Experience the joy of the Lord;
– Experience the peace of God John 14:27

For those of you that are saved, thank God for the gift of salvation.

Altar Call: Two Categories.
1. Those who want to be Born
Again (With proofs).
2. Rededication.

Song: I got my mind made up!


Father in Jesus name, thank you for you died for my sake, thank you for forgivening me of all my sins, wash me with your precious blood.thank you for i know i have been forgiven. Thank you Jesus. If you say this prayer dear beloved congratulations. May your salvation never be lost again in Jesus name Amen.

I welcome you all to the kingdom of light.

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Remain ever blessed; Jesus loves you.

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