40 years ago, I met a man who enfired my zeal and inspired my faith-Bishop Oyedepo


There are different kinds of faith and not all of them work.
Is my faith working or not?
If not, what can I do to make it work.
Faith is God’s tool in our hands to work.

James 2:18-19
Faith may work or not work.
You can claim you have faith and not have proofs.
There is living and dead faith.
Active and passive faith.
There is the heart of unbelief and the bear of faith.

It is the heart seated faith that works.
If your heart is not right, your faith cannot work.
Faith cannot be there if your heart is not there.
The soil of faith is the heart.
Faith produces according to the heart like seed produces according to the soil.

Scripture admonishes that we put our heart right.
Jeremiah 29:13
Isaiah 29:13

Until faith is conceived in the heart, confession will end in frustration.
2 Chronicles 16:9
2 Chronicles 25:2

There is also the evil heart of unbelief
Hebrews 3:11-12
Hebrews 10:22

If the heart is good, the faith will produce.
Do not have an evil heart of unbelief.

Our conscience will be cleansed from every unbelief this morning.

Acts 24:14
Mark 9:23

Things are working for me the way they are working for my father because I believe.

I may not have understood everything from the onset but there was no time that I doubted anything and the proof was in my followership.

That’s why every good thing happening to him is reflecting in my life.

God’s passage to your life is your heart.

1 Samuel-10:9
Joshua and Caleb took their place with Moses because their faith was right.

Sense Based Faith: The one being taught in many places today.

Romans 10:10
Your heart is the workshop of faith.
The production in your life is a proof of the faith in your heart.

Once I said -Lord if you don’t prove it in my life, don’t use me to preach it.

God measures our faith to deliver our due blessing.

Matthew 9:29

1. The heart of faith is restful.
If you are not restful then faith is not in your heart.
Hebrews 4:11
Mark 4:35-38

Once God says you are healed, take your rest.
When the Church was few, Bishop Oyedepo kept saying ‘this Church will be very great’.
That is rest.

You don’t rehearse pregnancy the same way you don’t rehearse faith. If it is there it will answer.

3. It reacts spontaneously to negative report.
Few years ago, my eyes were itching me and the voice of the devil came-apollo. I said No.
The next day I saw a staff wearing glasses. I said what is that? He said apollo. That is the one that wanted to catch me yesterday.

4. It speaks forth.
If you can’t say it, you don’t believe it.
2 Corinthians 4:13
2 Corinthians 10:10
Psalm 81:10-15
John 11:40-41

Jesus never made careless statements.

When people come for counseling and want to tell me long stories, I say-Don’t tell me the
Genesis, I already have the Word.
5. Heart Seated Faith presses persistently against all odds.
Matthew 9:21
Mark 5:24-30
Once your heart wants it, you see your body moving.

How do you build heart seated faith?

1. Keep hearing the Word until faith escalates and doubt reduces.
Let your faith go from hope to trust and you become fully persuaded.
Romans 4:17-21

2. Keep thinking the Word
Phil 4:8
1 Timothy 4:15

3. Keep praising God until you see manifestation
Romans 4:20

HALLELUJAH dear beloved let Endeavour to keep our faith alive in God. And i pray may God of shiloh meet you at the point of you needs in Jesus name Amen. 

Stay connected and remain blessed.


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