To walk with God is to walk against the tide of the whole human race, and when a man walk against the tide, he is bound to make waves.    2 Tim 3:12

  • Lord let my ears be sharp to hear the voice of the holy spirit clearly in Jesus name Amen.  Act 1:8
  • Dear lord, we are admonished to study your word, lord; therefore, i study your word. Thank you for giving me revelatory knowledge from your word in jesus name Amen. Jere 30:2
  • Heavenly father thank you for filling me afresh with your spirit in Jesus name Amen. Act 1:8
  • Father, in heaven thank you for your word, given to instruct, guide and show me your great love toward us, your children. Jere 30:2
  • Father, thank you for the gift of healing i therefore command every  incurable disease in my life to leave right now in jesus name Amen. Isa 53:5/ mark 11:23

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