☆ We should all be informed as to what to expect at Shiloh 2019

☆ We should all know what kind of table God has set for us psalms 23:5

☆ Note that jesus is shiloh personified Genesis 49:8-12(10)

☆ Therefore, coming to shiloh is coming to Jesus and coming to jesus, is coming for a change of story altogether  Matthew 11:28-30


Therefore for all participants, shiloh 2019 shall be.

  • A mountain of supernatural turnaround Joshua 18:1
  • A mountain of Heaven on Earth experience Rom 10:18/Luke 9:28-35/john 17:18
  • A mountain of Word encounters 1sam 3:21/ jere 18:1-6
  • A mountain of answered prayers 1 sam 1:13-19
  • A mountain of answers to our questions mak 10:17-23
  • A mountain of prophetic interventions 1 sam 1:13-19/ Hos 12:13/ Ezk 37:1-14
  • A mountain of voices that lead the way to supernatural breakthrough psalms 29:3-10/isa 48:21/2 pet 1:19-21
  • A mountain of testimonies jos 18:1-3/ mat 11:28-30
  • A mountain of prophetic release of mantles Num 11:23-29/ 2 kgs 2:9-15/ Mal 4:6
  • A mountain of solutions to all our issues Isa 25:6-9/Mat11:28-19
  • A mountain of visions and revelations Psa 16:11/ Hab 2:1-3
  • A mountain of baptism into realm pf Breaking limits jn 14:12/ joel 2:1-11/ Obd 21


■ God is saying, because all the above is what i  set to do ag shiloh 2019, therefore, everyone should prepare himself to meet His God. Amos 4:12/Exo 19:10-14

■ No one should miss this holy convocation for any reason  luke19:44

■ Shiloh 2019 shall lead us to opening of new and strange chapers to the life of every participants isa 48:18-19/ isa 28:21-22


I pray it shall be Dominion order of testimonies for you all through the year 2019 and beyond in Jesus name Amen

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