Excerpts from Pre-Shiloh Encounter and Anointing Service. Faith Tabernacle, Canaanland Bishop David Oyedepo


* It becomes a seal of favour over your life.
* Every yoke of the wicked hanging over your life is declared destroyed today.
* The healing power of God flows freely through your system.
* As this Oil comes upon your head, an end comes to all oppressions of sickness and disease in your life.
* By this Oil today, every terminal disease is terminated.
* By this anointing today, every oppression of the devil comes to an end.
* Your going in and out of Shiloh is declared covered and protected.
* Everyone traveling across the nations into this country, your arrival is declared safe in the name of Jesus Christ.
* Everyone coming out from his house and going back to his house; coming out from his office and going back to his office, your going in and out is declared covered.
* I decree the waves of instant miracles Now.
* Every mark of the devil that might have followed anyone here drops off your life right now in the name of Jesus Christ and so shall it be.


* By the word of the Lord, every vessel out here is declared the Holy Anointing Oil.
* Many of you will not know breakdowns in your life anymore.
* By this Oil today, whatever force that might have been holding any part of your life down is declared destroyed and you are free forever.
* Father, thank you for the miracles that have taken place already and we are celebrating you for the greater blessings you have in store for us at Shiloh, particularly our launch into the realms of No Limits:
– The end of all stagnation and frustration.
– The end of all failures and defeat.
* The Spirit of Shiloh is in the house. Your coronation is at the corner.
* Your enthronement is finally here.
* Your stagnation is finally over.
* Your access to that realm of no limits is just about to be opened.
* All through Shiloh, there shall be peace across the length and breadth of this nation. Whatever nation there are crisis, I decree peace to be restored.Church Gist.
* There shall be no destructions. There shall be no satanic interference. But please pick this:


– On your way to your next level, the devil’s old trick is to distract your attention. Don’t let any devil distract your attention. Don’t mind the devil, mind your God. Beware of distraction, you are on your way, going somewhere. You will get there!!!
* Help me congratulate your neighbour –



See you on Tuesday at the take off night (7:00 PM 3rd December) Shiloh 2019.

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