“Bless the LORD, O my soul: and all that is within me, bless his holy name. Psalm 103:1”

Sometimes the enemy throws attacks at believers in Christ Jesus that then cause depression in their lives. David  was faced with the same circumstances, but he decided to do something differently to overcome his depression.

He spoke to his soul to bless God and everything within him to bless His holy name. After this, the depression left him, and he began to celebrate the Lord. We ought to learn from David and apply this same principle to any depressing attacks we receive from the enemy.


Let us not be quiet over the Word of God; the Holy Scriptures are meant to be spoken or declared to our lives so that we can be transformed.

What must you do to overcome depression

  1. Forgive others.
  2. We must fill your minds with truth
  3. Exercise
  4. Don’t give up
  5. Connect with friends and family
  6. Get enough sleep


Dear beloved, are you feeling depression in your life? You can use the above therapy which will reduce cease the depression you are facing.

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