Father we thank you for the supernatural impact of your word at Shiloh since inception, according to psalms 115:1

SHILOH 2019…… BREAKING LIMIT…AND breaking limit….. Shiloh 2019…
I hope you all are set for the blessings assign for all, and our GOD is here again to deliver us from all satanic limit upon everyone individual, I pray this Shiloh will a one to remember for good, in the lives of every participants in Jesus name (AMEN).

My prayer is that this year Shiloh BREAKING LIMIT shall answer to it name in the life all participants in Jesus name amen.


You are next to testify in Jesus name amen.






  1. Father thank you for the peace and serenity all through the past Shiloh. John 14: 27
  2. Father thank you for the perfect weather conditions all through the past Shiloh job 37:22
  3. Fafhere sanctity the entirety of canaaland, making it fit for your awesome manifest presence at Shiloh 2019 exodus 3:5
  4. Father we decree perfect weather conditions all through Shiloh the sun shall not be scorching and the cloud shall with hold its rain job 37:22
  5. Father let every prophetic word at shiloh turn every participant to a peculiar treasure on the earth exodus 19:4-5
  6. Father in Jesus name let every participant af Shiloh be supernaturally exempted from all the horrors of these end times mal. 4:1-2
  7. Father let your word triggers instant heallings and deliverance from all oppressions of the devil at shiloh psalms 107:20
  8. Father show your self mighty in the lives of all participants at Shiloh  Ezekiel 2:2
  9. Father uphold your servant the Apostle over  the commission, (BISHOP DAVID O.OYEDEPO) as he prepares for shiloh for maximum impact on all participants across the nation of the earth. Isaiah 45:1-3
  10. Father in Jesus name let Shiloh impact a new order of grace on the lives of every participants that will empower us to continue to operate in the supernatural  mak. 16:20.



Come believing, come expecting definite encounter with God via his word at shiloh. Joshua 18:1


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