The American rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, entrepreneur, and fashion designer, Kanye Omari West has testified to the goodness of the Lord.

Kanye West turned his Sunday Services into a worldwide phenomenon. The hip-hop church services started off as something small and intimate, but grew into much more. The services extended to huge festivals such as Coachella. It even made pop-up appearances in different cities across the world and as of lately’ took his services to a Mega church in Atlanta, New Birth Missionary Baptist Church.
His wife, Kim Kardashian spoke about the inspiration behind the church in the first place. During an appearance on The View, she reveals ;

“Kanye started this, I think, just to heal himself,” Kim stated. “It was a real personal thing, and it was just friends and family, and he has had an amazing evolution of being born again and being saved by Christ. People always ask, ‘Well, what are you worshiping?’ Or, ‘What is this?’ It is a Christian service, like a musical ministry. They talk about Jesus and God.”

She did state that Kanye’s church endeavors is more of a “music” thing right now. “For the most part, it’s just a musical ministry,” she said. “[Kanye] doesn’t have his papers yet to make it an official church, but it is for God and it is a Christian church.”She continued, “It started off healing for him and it’s become something that he really wants to share for everybody else.”

His past Sunday service was very miraculous as he touched on what Satan can give to any lost soul as well as what God can ultimately do for his children. Kanye West ‘wins souls’ as over 1,000 commit their lives to Christ at his ‘Sunday Service’Kanye West’s last-minute ‘Sunday Service’ witnessed ‘over 1,000’ people dedicate their lives to Christ – The ”born-again” believer, has been travelling across the US to hold gospel services and perform songs from his new album, “Jesus is King”

Curvine Brewington, a Louisiana pastor has described the worship as a “new wave of revival”.The outdoor service was held at a field provided by Bethany Church in Baton Rouge, but was not affiliated with the church. In an Instagram post, Brewington reiterated that worship had been lifted the night of the service, the name of Christ was exalted, the Word of God was preached, a multitude prayed together, the Gospel was clearly proclaimed and an opportunity to respond was given. ”In a crowd of 6,000, people from all walks of life, all ages, and all races, I witnessed over 1,000 people respond to The Gospel by raising their hands to accept Jesus as their Lord & Savior,” the man of God emphasised. The Spirit of the Living God was indeed present. I danced, wept, stood in awe of God’s redemptive work, & can honestly say that tonight I witnessed a new wave of REVIVAL first hand.” Along with other gospel songs, West also performed “Every Hour,” “Follow God,” “and “Jesus Is Lord.”

Also TeamKanyeDaily posted a video of the new “born-again Christian” artiste meeting a child with autism in the crowd after his mother asked if he would get a picture with him. The service was free but tickets for a $55-a-plate brunch were sold by Affiliate Nation that some online compared to the food served at the infamous Fyre Festival.


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