“Bless ye the LORD, all ye his hosts; ye ministers of his, that do his pleasure. Psalms 103:21”

The opening scripture has thrown light on two personalities who are dear to the Most High: Angels, and some men and women of God. When it comes to some men and women of God, put your name there if you are a true worshipper. The elect angels, without any shadow of doubt, praise and worship God eternally. On the contrary, only some children of God praise and worship God; some live in disobedience and others live in the midst of complaining and showing ingratitude. The born again Christians who do the will/pleasure of the LORD are surely praising/worshipping God with their God-given duties/responsibilities; these are the ones the LORD is looking for. Those who praise/worship God with their lips/mouth but are not doing His will/pleasure are “hypocrites” and need to do better than lip service. Dearly beloved, are you are a doer of GOD’s will/pleasure or you are a lip server? Share your comments here!

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