Numbers 14:24(KJV): But my servant Caleb, because he had another spirit with him, and hath followed me fully, him will I bring into the land whereinto he went; and his seed shall possess it.

 The ultimate of divine guidance is to lead the children of God into the glory God reserved for them; that is, into their promised land. Rom.8:30
However, divine guidance into our promised land is not a day’s journey; it’s a step by step journey of a lifetime. Until one reach God’s expected end; on God’s perfect day. Jer.29:11, Ps.119:105, Prov.4:18
This leading starts from known paths to the unknown; from familiar routes to the unfamiliar. Isa.42:16, Jos.3:4
At the point where you have to pass through unfamiliar routes; that is, leave your comfort zone to seemingly challenging paths, e.g. take a new course, learn a new trade, reach out with the gospel to a faraway community, go live in a different country etc (like the children of Israel in the opening scripture and Abraham in Gen.12:1-3), it will take complete trust in your ‘Guide’ to follow fully.
This was the scenario the Psalmist painted in Ps.23, when he said: “Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil . . .” Ps.23:4
To follow fully means to follow wholeheartedly . . . to follow spirit, soul and body . . . to follow without reservation . . . to follow without leaning on your own understanding (suspending your reasoning and depending on God’s) . . . it means to follow blindly like a fool.
▪It will require absolute trust in God, the Guide – the leaning of your entire personality on Him. Prov.3:5
▪That was what Caleb did in the opening scripture. And it was said that he had another spirit. Let’s explore this today . . .

1. To follow God fully into an unfamiliar path, you need a heart . . . it is also called spine. This talks about courage and assertiveness (the quality of being assured and confident,Not confidence in self, but confidence in God that cannot mislead you.Ps.23:1

2. You must know that God does not lead backward, He leads forward. Therefore, stop looking backward in fear, rather look forward with confidence as you take every step. Isa.43:18-19, Jer.1:5-8, Exo.14:15

3. Be conscious of His presence with you every step of the way. When He leads, he goes with the led. Matt.28:19-20

4. You must be adventurous . . . a risk taker, a daring person. Be an optimist, not a person always looking at the dark side of things – a Pessimist.

All the above qualities is what the Holy Spirit gives. He was the another Spirit in Caleb that made him follow fully:

●The Spirit of power, love (that is as strong as death), and a sound and daring mind. 2Tim.1:7

●The Spirit of might (ability) – He strengthens in the inner man and makes one confident and capable. *Ephe.3:16, Phil.3:14

●The Spirit of God in you will lead you through paths you have not known; He guides into new paths of life. Isa.42:16, Jh.16;12-13, Ephe.3:5 .
Hope you got it?

Wrap up/Action point:
▪However, follow your heart, not your head.
▪Instead of a physical compass (circumstances and situations), follow your inner compass – The Holy Spirit.
▪When He leads, be brave enough to follow.

Prayer: Father, in the name of Jesus I take grace to follow you fully, without reservation or fear into paths unknown, until I reach my promised land.

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