God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth (John 4:24).

When talking about worship, many people don’t understand what it really means. They wonder, “Who do you worship?” “Why do you worship?” “What are the benefits of worship?”

Worship is the recognition and appreciation of the goodness, blessings, kindness and righteousness of God. It’s the recognition, appreciation or confession of His character.

For example, when you give thanks to God and say, “Lord, you’re good, you’re kind, you’ve blessed me, you’re righteous,” etc., you’re defining, recognizing, and appreciating His character.

God likes it when you worship Him like that because it shows who He is in your life, it separates Him from everyone else and from everything else. When you thank Him for His goodness, provisions, blessings, and all the wonderful things He’s given you, and done for you, you’re attributing those beautiful works to Him. The necessary result is that He’ll do more in your life.

Furthermore, worship brings to us a greater revelation of God ourselves. In fellowship, God reveals Himself to you, and in that process, He reveals you to you, and also reveals your future, your life, your personality, your value and then His purpose for your life.

Therefore, worship for us is something much more than a form, a ritual or mere religious activity. When we worship God, there’s true recognition, a true perception, and real encounter with God.

So, when you’re in church and it’s time for worship, or when you worship in the corner of your room, give it your hearty attention, worship the Lord in reality, with this understanding.

In Jesus name, God will perfect everything that concerns you as you worship and praise His Holy Name.
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