Do You Consider God?
Consider the work of God: for who can make that straight, which he hath made crooked? Ecclesiastes 7:13 KJV.

Considering God enables one to please God. God is eternal and every work He does has eternal perspective. He created heaven and earth and everything therein; He is Omnipresent and continually work in heaven and on earth under His own plan. It is vital to seek His will so that the work you do on earth does not become useless and unrewarded. The patriarchs such as Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Noah, and David left a good legacy, hence, God recorded their works for posterity. Dear beloved, avail yourself for God to use you to do good works on earth and establish a good legacy for generations to learn from. Don’t look at your weaknesses because He is able to turn them around for your good. Focus on God by His Word and your life will be worthwhile. Hallelujah! Be An Overcomer!

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Am a personnel of high prestige...i love God and work for His interest.. Always God first


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