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The LORD will give strength unto his people; the LORD will bless his people with peace. Psalm 29:11″
Devotion : What a wonderful God we serve! He has assured His children that He will give them strength and bless them with peace. As a child of God, believe the promises of God and claim them to enjoy them. Perhaps you are weak in any area of your life and devoid of peace. After reading this scripture, you should no longer suffer weakness and likewise neither should you suffer turbulence. Peace is not a gentle breeze, but speaking quietness and calmly watching the storm rage because  you know its just a clearing process.

Therefore, Just as we chose joy, we chose peace and find strength. Joseph the dream interpreter did not allow the prison to chain his gift, he was still interpreting dreams in the prison with confidence. Peace and strength comes from within, its something you chose to do, it does not matter who have offended you or the challenges you are facing.

Forgive always and trust in God promises that will never fail. (What He says, He will do). Peace attracts blessings and opens invisible doors. It removes fear, anxiety, doubts,  When it looks chaotic, chose peace, speak peace. Great ideas are born in the quietness of the mind. Claim the strength and peace God has promised and enjoy them.

If you want to travel far and fast, then unpack and travel light

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