Most people in life don’t fail, because they aim too high and miss, most people who fail in life they aim too low and they hit. A story was told to me by my Mother, that there was a little girl walking with her mother and when she was walking in the neighborhood thay walked pass a home which as a veranda or a porch. There was an older women that had her cat by her feet, trust cat, the cat was just so complacent with life and knew everything was going to be prepared and taken care of for her. But the cat was sitting at her owner feet and she was moaning and groaning that she was just in so much pain. And the little girl said to the owner of the cat, ma, what wrong with your cat? And the owner looked at the little girl and she said to her, oh its okay, she is just sitting on a pain. Then the little girl ask her mother, mom, why is she letting the cat just sit on a pain, then the owner if the cat said, oh, that easy, it not hurting enough for her to get off.

There are so many people out there who keeps sitting on pains, and complaining and blameing and hold unto the past, that they just don’t say, you know what? ENOUGH IS ENOUGH am getting up, am pulling off all the pains and am going to go forward. What so ever pain you might be sitting on, it could be health pain, financial pain, friendship pain, career pain, marital pain, it could be pain that is clogging your vision, that you just don’t know where you are going in life. There are all kinds of pains we are on. But guess what? Today you are getting off that pains for the rest of your life in Jesus name. Getting off pains mean understanding that you are linked to each other, we came into this world to do something amazing, we came to do something great and extraordinary. How ever, circumstances come into our lives that sometimes test us, and challenge us, Sometimes¬† we come across situations where things happen to us and we go like oh, no, i can’t go any forward, why does this happen to me. And we blame the colour of our . skin, colour of our hair, we blame our race, our religion, our age,we blame our status. Really there are many successful people who have been in pain, they have been in pain for years, but what happened to them, why were they able to make that transition, from being in pain to become successful? What do they do what do they share? We all have it, the question is, are you really ready to use it? Rise above your pain today you can also make it to the peak and be successful.

if you give up on life it destroys your spirit,open your eye and mind look at things exactly the way they are just listen to your heart and head. Dont let anybody tells you what you can achieve, you can achieve anything you want,  if you want it bad enough.


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