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JESUSThanksgiving is related to God’s goodness psalms 136:1, says give thanks to the lord for he is Good: for his mercy endureth for ever. Thanksgiving is the response of appreciation God is expecting for his manifestation in mans life luke 17:11-12. God keeps record, so we must keep thanking God.

Attributes of thanksgiving.

💥 Thanksgiving is direct from scriptures, that is Commandments, it may not be comfortable but it is profitable Deut 28:1-3.
💥 It is the will of God for every believer Heb 10:36,
💥 It is an expression of fullness of God Phil 5:17-18.
💥 It makes the devil to subdue under your feet.

Why thanksgiving
Acknowledge of God, behind every good thing happening to us.
✔️ For his benefit: psalms 68:19 Gids benefits are superior to his blessing. Life and sound health is benefits, money is bless psalms 103:1-5.
✔️ For his faithfulness: psalms 92:1-2 God is too faithful to fail psalms 89:33-34.
✔️ For his goodness: psalms 136:1.
✔️ It our expression in faith in God, there is no close case in thanksgiving. Mark 9:23.
✔️ It involves the miraculous. It is the provoker of miracle.Act 16:20
✔️ It gears God to work john 6:1-11.
✔️ It is a seed for answers prayers,
✔️ It gives your prayer recognition.
✔️ It send seed on already received Gods blessing mal 2:1-3.

Benefits of Thanksgiving
💢 Reduce depression.
💢 Get promotions at work.
💢 Improve your self esteem.
💢 Increase your energy.
💢 Develop a strong immune system.
💢 Decrease blood pressure.
💢 Reduce and cope with negative stress.
💢 Makes you stay Healthy.
💢 Have deeper friendships with God
💢 Increases productivity in everyday activity
💢 Improve job performance.
💢 Become more generous
💢 Makes you achieve your goals faster
💢 Increases Happiness.
💢 Reduce negative emotions such as envy, hatred, and anger,sin.
💢 Increase positive emotions such as love and empathy,meekness, patience, kindness and generosity.

As you continue to walk in the light of the word, may Dominion becomes your natural experience in the journey of life in Jesus name Amen.
may God give you an edge over Satan.
Stay connected with God.
Thank you jesus.



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