There is a treasure and goldmine inside everyone

No Limit

images(2)There is actually, no limit to how far you can go in life, no limit to how high you can stretch or accomplish.

There is a treasure and goldmine inside everyone.

You just have to look inside and discover it. Look at how beautiful, intricate and marvelous the earth and other planets are, the maker of all these is also your maker, but you are a special product, because He made you in His image and likeness, this means you are like Him and a part of Him is in you, so you have the potentials and power to make and create great, beautiful, wonderful works like Him.

You are not limited; you can go as far as your eyes can see.

Believe, you have what it takes this month and unlock your greatness.

There’s a wealth of potential in you. When the world dumps and rejects you, and you land on the garbage heap of the world, God walks along and picks you up. He looks deep within you and see a person of great worth.

Don’t ever let anybody throw you away. You are not junk. When God looks at you, he sees things that everybody else ignores. You are worth so much that Jesus went to the Calvary to salvage and reclaim you. The spirit of God Connect to your spirit is the only true Judge of your worth.

✔️ Don’t accept the opinions of others because they do nit see what God sees in you.

✔️ God chooses busy people.

✔️ The key to understanding life is in the source of life, not the life itself.

✔️ Look at the Inventor, not the Invention.

How you feel or what people say about you is not important. You are who God says you are; he sees in you more than you can possibly imagine. Your potential is limited only by God, not by people.

💢 God can bring beauty out of your mistakes. 

💢 He can take what you have messed up and bless it up

There is something in you more precious than what others have said about you.

This month will be your month of release of new and existing divine inspired ideas, wisdom and faith, that will take you to your next levels this year AMEN.

Am a personnel of high prestige...i love God and work for His interest.. Always God first

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