The God kind of loveΒ 1 John 4:8

Valentine.jpgThe Bible says that God is love. It also says that love is even greater than faith or hope 1 Chor 13:13, well, since God is love, then we need to know what love is. That is God kind of love.

Love isΒ charity.

God love is not the same as natural human love, natural human love can turn to hatred over night, but God’s love never fails. God love will never pass away.


God’s love is greater than

πŸ’₯ prophesies.

πŸ’₯ tongues.

πŸ’₯ knowledge.

The Bible made us to understand that all this shall vanish 1Chor 13:8, away. But God’s love never passes away. God love endures forever.

If You will walk in the light of God’s love, you will never be weakening either. You will be able to just go on loving people whether you flesh like it or not. You are to love people the same love that God is 1Chor 13:5.

πŸ’•Β Divine love is not selfish. It doesn’t put itself and its own first.

πŸ’• Putting other people ahead of your own interests is a good rule to follow to see if you’re walking in God’s love.

So to believe God fully and to operate in the faith of God, youΒ must walk in God kind of love.

πŸ’• Divine love is a peacemaker.

πŸ’• Divine love takes no account of a suffered wrong.

πŸ’• Divine love is a great aim in life.

πŸ’• God’s love never fails.

πŸ’• Divine love is a Fruit of the spirit Galatians 5:22.

πŸ’• Love practiced brings great rewards.

How Does Love Operate.

πŸ’• Love serve those who deserve it and does who don’t deserve it.

πŸ’• Love stand for those who pay for it and who will not pay for it.

πŸ’• Love cannot walk on its own it always depends on Faith Eph 3:17.

Note:Β the more you confess how much you love God and his word, the more your love for him will grow and develop in you, and Jesus will become real to you.


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