✨ Feed your Mind Right 

(Psa 119:105)

images (1)There is a saying, watch your thoughts they become words, watch your words, they become action, watch your action they become character and watch your character they become habits.

What are you feeding your mind?

Phonographic pictures, horror movies, immoral novels, negative write-ups….it is not every article you see you read, some are very good in telling us our problems and analysing how gloomy the future looks with no solution to it at all.

You are the character of your thoughts, think, talk and act in line with God’s Word.

When you feed your mind with the right food, word of God, good books, good teachings, right mentors….then you surround yourself with right energy for your destiny. The word is a light, the right words open doors of possibilities, progress, success, dominion, victory in your mind.

💕 Discover your self.

💕 You are a Star.



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